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Networking Opportunity

9:00 AM

Welcome Remarks

9:10 AM

Keynote address from the Honourable Caroline Mulroney

To kick-off this year’s Transportation summit, we’re joined by the Honourable Caroline Mulroney, Ontario’s Minister of Transportation. She’ll share what’s next for the Toronto region’s transit and transportation infrastructure as we fight through the second wave of COVID-19 to safely reopen our economy.


The Honourable Caroline Mulroney

9:30 AM

Session 1: Recovery and the Future of Transportation

Our transportation networks are crucial for getting our front-line workers from their homes to their jobs. Highways and trains keep goods moving across our region and province ensuring access to food, medical supplies and entertainment.


This panel will explore the future of our transportation industry and draw upon lessons learned from our global neighbours in order to ensure the region’s long-term recovery.


Phil Verster


Huang Ching-Shinn

10:30 AM

Session 2: Opening Doors with Regionally Interconnected Transportation Systems

Traditionally, regional transit has emphasized the peak period movement of workers to and from the downtown core, but as people continue to work from home, and job opportunities emerge in different areas of the region, transportation networks must change.


This panel will explore the creation of an anywhere-to-anywhere, integrated, regional transportation network that could connect people to economic opportunities, and employers to talent, ensuring that the Toronto region builds back better through recovery and into the future.

11:45 AM

Breakout Session: Teaming Up to Integrate Toronto’s Transit System

12:30 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM

Lunch Keynote: Ford's Electrified Future in Canada

Hear from Ford Canada’s President and CEO Dean Stoneley in a special keynote presentation. He’ll be joined by Toronto region Board of Trade President and CEO Jan De Silva for a fireside chat on what’s next for the auto industry   


Dean Stoneley

1:30 PM

Session 3: Addressing the Cost of Transportation Infrastructure Construction

The Toronto region is grappling with the increasing cost of delivering vitally needed transportation infrastructure. As governments face unprecedented financial demands through recovery, optimizing the delivery of infrastructure by employing global best practices is becoming increasingly essential.


Featuring a special fireside chat with the President for Project Delivery at Infrastructure Ontario, Michael Lindsay, the session will explore this critical issue. The meaningful insights gained from this discussion are designed to aid policymakers as they look to deliver the type of affordable transit infrastructure the Toronto region needs.


Michael Lindsay


Eric Goldwyn

2:30 PM

Session 4: Powering our Economy with Movement of Goods

As the global pandemic reached our shores, we retreated into our homes. Cut off from family and friends, essential goods and services still needed to make it to our front doors. How goods are transported, and how quickly, directly impacts our ability to work, engage and keep our economy moving forward.


This panel will explore different ways goods move across our region and province, including long-haul transportation, aviation, logistics of movement, and the people that make it happen. It will examine this rapidly changing industry, and uncover its policy and infrastructure needs so that it can further enhance its role in the recovery.


Ryan Ernst


Genevieve Giuliano

4:00 PM

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